Hartman 1862

Hartman Group consists of the parent company Oy C.J. Hartman Ab, the subsidiary Hartman Rauta Oy and the sister company Oy Hartman Invest Ab. Hartman Group has approx. 260 employees.

Oy C.J. Hartman Ab deals with the financial management, real estate, and other auxiliary activities of the Group.

Oy Hartman Invest Ab owns and administers the Hartman house real estate in downtown Vaasa.

Hartman Rauta Oy carries out wholesale and retail sale in building materials and hardware business. It has outlets in Kokkola, Pietarsaari, Seinäjoki, Vaasa, Tampere and Espoo.

Hartman Rauta Oy not only conducts wholesale and retail sales in the building materials and hardware sector, with outlets located in Kokkola, Pietarsaari, Seinäjoki, Vaasa, Tampere, and Espoo but also engages in the export of timber products, extending its market reach to international clients. Furthermore, the company is involved in importing a variety of building materials, enhancing its product range and meeting diverse customer needs by sourcing high-quality materials from around the globe.

Through our customers and contacts, it is possible to reach a wide user base in the Finnish market area in the use of industrial wood products. As our operations are nationwide, we serve our customers through all our Hartman units and from our import warehouses. We have an extensive national distribution network that covers the entire country. Through Harman's units and our retail network, we can also reach DIY- and consumer sector.

Hartman has in the Finnish market, the widest range of products built to cover the needs of professional construction and decoration as well as the industrial use of processed wood products and resale.

Our largest customer groups are:

· Prefabricated house and construction industry
· Kitchen and furniture industry
· Panel and molding industry
· Interior and exterior door industry
· Packaging industry
· Professional builders
· Retailers.

The ready-to-deliver stock selection includes the following main groups:

· Softwood and Hardwood Plywood both in baseboards and Film faced.
· OSB3 and OSB4 boards
· MDF and HDF boards as well as Hardboards and Fiberboards
· LVL- and glulam beams and studs for construction and industrial use
· Chipboards and wide range of decors in MFC-boards
· HPL and CPL products for furniture and interior and facade surfaces.
· Lumber and processed lumber products.

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